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The list is split into numbered sections (and sometimes topics within sections) in order to impose some structure on such a long list. Within each topic and within each section the works are listed in alphabetical order, by author surname. At the end of each entry is a section number, or numbers, which best describe the area(s) covered by the book—this is the best way I could devise for indicating that a particular work may fit happily in many different sections, although for the works which belong in one section only it is redundant information. The section numbers are as follows:

  1. Catalogues of permanent museum-based and private collections
  2. Exhibition catalogues
  3. Playing-card manufacturers, tax stamps and patterns
  4. Playing-card history and speculations on their origins
  5. Playing-cards of various countries
  6. Playing-cards with various themes
  7. Transformation cards
  8. Cartomancy
  9. Cards that appeared only in book or magazine form

This list has been last updated in July 2016.

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