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Pattern sheets

Pattern sheets on this web site are indexed by suit system

Regular packs with French suitmarks

Regular packs with German suitmarks


Regular packs with Swiss suitmarks


Regular packs with Latin/Italian suitmarks


Regular packs with Latin/Italian-Portuguese suitmarks


Regular packs with Latin/Spanish suitmarks


Regular packs with Indian suitmarks


Notes from the Pattern Sheet Editor:

  • When the quality of illustrations is poor, that is because they were scanned from printed copies.
  • Pattern sheets before #35 had a different format.
    For the online version they have been adjusted to the later format as far as possible.
  • Pattern sheets before #35 were not numbered, they had a ‘classification code’starting with suit system code letters which are explained below. They have been ordered (and numbered) according to the publication date (if present), but they may actually have been issued in a slightly different order.
  • If you want to contribute material for a pattern sheet, you should read the Notes for Pattern Sheet Writers.

No printed back issues of pattern sheets are available.

For comments please contact the Pattern Sheet Editor: (pattern-sheets@i-p-c-s.org)

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