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Norfolk Vanguard / Boreas Archaeological Set Piece Excavations – Update

 Archaeological teams are currently undertaking open area excavations in a number of locations close to Witton/Ridlington and Happisburgh.  These works follow the initial trial trenching where the archaeological team identified sites which need further investigation. We have permission to undertake all investigations and we are in the process of contacting the homes close to the excavations, where relevant.

 Why we are undertaking this activity?

  • We do this in order to better understand the archaeological remains, located within the footprint of the cable route, that we otherwise may not know anything about.
  • These areas are planned, photographed, excavated and recorded, and the artefacts collected for further analysis.  The results from each site excavation will be written up in a report.
  • Undertaking this activity carefully now will mean that we have appreciated, considered and documented findings in advance of any cable works. It also focuses our archaeological activity in the drier times of the year –  hopefully reducing any complications, should the projects get the go-ahead.

Who is undertaking this activity?

Headland Archaeology is undertaking the excavations, following on from their work on the trial trenching. On each site various activities will be undertaken to set up and strip the site prior to the archaeologists excavating.

The archaeological works are undertaken in accordance with a scope of works agreed with Norfolk Council County Historic Environment Service, who also monitor the progress and findings, as archaeological adviser to the local planning authorities of North Norfolk, Broadland and Breckland.

The Activity:

Three sites are located ‘close’ to Happisburgh, one on Whimpwell Street and two on North Walsham/Happisburgh Road. The three sites are all possible medieval road side settlements, with both older and more recent elements possible too.

The closest excavations to Happisburgh, Whimpwell Street and another on the way into Happisburgh are due to complete shortly.

The third site closest to Ridlington has been set-up with the site strip with plant (machines) due to continue this week (weather permitting). A larger team of archaeologists will be working here hand excavating from towards the end of August with works continuing on through September. The previous trial trenching here uncovered a well-preserved well.

Once hand excavations are completed, plant will return to each site and backfill. All materials/welfare/matting/fencing will be removed once works are finished.

Please contact info@norfolkvanguard.co.uk if you have further questions or join us on a ‘keeping in touch’ session by booking here:

https://vattenfallnorfolk.simplybook.it/.   These sessions are every 3rd Wednesday and the next one is on the 18th August.

In due course, we will erect notices to provide more information – as we did during the beach surveys.

Thank you and 

Kind Regards

Norfolk Vanguard Team

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