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Open Gardens

What do you think of Open Gardens?

Do you think they are an added benefit to Norfolks Tourists Industry? Perhaps just a peaceful place to while away an hour or so in pleasant surroundings?
Or maybe you think they are an extension of a narcissists personality? Harsh but is there not an element of ‘showing off’ albeit raising funds for a worthy cause?

The worthy cause is more often than not the local Church; in that case should there not be an alternative charity available for non-Christians to donate to – else if you want to enjoy those gardens you are forced to support something you may not believe in.

You might totally disagree – love to read your comments.
Living in a rural community we may be insulated from the widening gap between rich and poor in our Society but, perhaps, any flaunting of wealth creates long term resentment in rural as well as urban areas.
The concept of ‘Open Gardens’ is not new and dates back to the first decade of the 20th century; its inception marking an innovative way to raise money for Charity – taking people’s money whilst providing attractive surroundings for people to stroll though. It became a template for other worthy causes.

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