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In the May 2021 issue of the Village News a report was  given by a PCC member of St Peters Church which I quote opposite.

Isn’t it this ‘better than thou’ attitude that puts people off religion – would Christ react this way or would he quietly commit to spending the next ten years to improving the perspective of the Church by deeds.

Maybe it is that sentiment and aloofness that that is reflected in the following survey:

British Social Attitudes Survey 1983 to 2018 show
‘No Religion’
increased from 32% to 53% of the population
with the Anglican faith declining from 40% to 13% of the population.

Reading an article in a respected Sunday Newspaper a few weeks ago regarding the Census, only fifty-one percent of us would admit to having a religion. Reasons given include that religion lacks compassion, is sexist and has no clear views on such topics as Climate Change. From a Christian point of view, I find this rather harsh, there again, unlike readers of some of the down market rags, I don’t believe everything I read

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